The best revolution you can do these days is to inspire yourself and others by doing what makes you happy!

– Ina & Isa


We all came here with a special purpose. We just have to find it inside of us.
We are all one and at the end we are all the same. Always do what makes you happy, what makes your heart happy and follow your dreams. Some day you will inspire the world too, with your story. Own your story and share it.
The little things are the ones that matter, so enjoy every step of the way. Because everything that happens to you, will help you get to where you want to be. Inspire yourself with what the universe gives you in each moment, every person, every situation, will be part of your transformation.
Let the PIP Cards be an awakening for people to believe that they too can make a difference in this world.
50 FLASH CARDS: Wonderful combination of drawings and stories for children and grown ups! Includes 4 categories: Art, Music, History and Sports.

Follow @pipcards on instagram for more updates! A beautiful project created by my Spanish sister Isabel and Me! With the help of our creative goddess Martina and her graphic design magic!


Stay gold,

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