The Pleasure In Plants

The Pleasure In Plants

We are able to understand the language of Mother Earth when we are in tune with our feminine energy. We have the magic instinct to use nature as healing. 

Over the years, we have forgotten where we come from, our roots, our culture and even ourselves. Women have lost their sensitivity to connect with the moon cycles, to talk to animals, to embrace their bodies, their feelings and to enjoy pleasure.

It is time we connect with our inner shaman again. To hear what Mother Earth has to say, to love plants, have beautiful gardens and enjoy all of its benefits. Plants have an amazing energy, each one of them with it’s unique power, just like us. 

“Women’s bodies are most healthy when they are more frequently in a receptive, open and relaxed state. We become more Magnetic, Radiant and able to self heal.”

Being present.

When you connect with the earth you connect with yourself. And when you connect with yourself, fall in love with yourself, accept yourself, you start creating. Creating what comes from within. Because our nature is to create. We are creators by nature.

Children are so connected with themselves, they are always imagining, playing, exploring, smelling, touching, discovering. They are in touch with their senses. Every single one of them. That is why it is very easy for them to create things, to enjoy and to get amazed by life and everything it has to offer.

Us women have so much power in our senses. We are designed to feel, to receive pleasure through each one of them and to use our amazing intuition.

Plants offer us so much. Plants make us happy.

It is time, to go back to the garden. To get our hands in the dirt. To remember the language of nature, and enjoy all of its pleasures. To slow down, and not only smell the flowers, but nurture them, touch them, feel them, cook with them and connect with them.

Because at the end, we are all one.

Stay gold,

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