Trust Your Connection

Remember what is real and what is not.
You are never alone.
Trust in your connections with the thunderstorms.
Sometimes there will be sun, some others the sun will go.
But the cycles always come back before you know.
Enjoy the process of accepting that being real does not make you weak.
Understand that you create your own reality.
And that love will always win.
Whatever you are going through.
Just remember,
that the universe is real,
the water is real,
the plants are real,
what you feel is real.
And stick with that.
Stick with that so hard that you will grow roots.
Roots that will never break.
Roots that will keep you stronger
and letting you know who you really are.
You are water.
You are the rivers, the oceans, the lakes and the ponds.
You are everything around of you and more.
So observe, how it rains, and let yourself rain too.

Let yourself feel.

Disconnect from what does not make you be the real you.

Too much expectations, not enough communication.

Listen to yourself. And stop explaining your realness.

Embrace it.

Share it.

And you will see.

Everyone else,

at the end,

wants the same thing.

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