When A Woman Is Pregnant

When a woman is pregnant, she becomes an incubator of everything that goes on around her in the next nine months. Everything she sees, hears, eats, reads, experiences, all become part of what she is cultivating inside of her.

Unlike when she experiences her menstruation, she is able to let go of everything that happened to her in that month and she can let it all go, cleanse and restore herself again.

So it is very important, for pregnant women, to nurture themselves. A lot.
In everything they experience. In everything they feel.
Embrace yourself in a love environment and surround yourself with things that make you happy, pleasurable and in peace. The movies you watch, the conversations you have, the food you eat, the things you read.
Make it a nine month therapy session to evolve, to enjoy, to taste, to smell, to observe, to slow down, to feel, everything with love.
Love for you, love for your baby and love for everything else.
Because at the end, everything that happens inside of you, is happening out there too. 

Stay gold,

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