New Moon Gathering

So we had our first New Moon Gathering and it was a total success! Such a magical experience along with many amazing and powerful men and women. The weather could not have been better and everything was just beautiful.

I am so amazed by the power of a circle gathering. It was truly a healing experience. Everyone connected with the same intention and participated with love and devotion. One of the best ways for awakening your feminine wisdom.

The event started at 7pm. Everyone started arriving and bringing their candles, flowers, herbs and some snacks to share.

The venue was such a perfect spot, we were all sitting below the Moon and stars energy.

The whole place was decorated by two lovely friends: Mecha Mancilla, the owner of Pale Eco Store, you have to go there, it is this marvellous space filled with quartz, herbs, vintage clothing and vinyl’s, in one of the coolest spots of the city: Tampiquito. And also special thanks to: Granila Santisteban for making such beautiful Dream Catchers and hanging them all over the place.

Here we are, getting ready to start our Moon Ceremony.

I made a special New Moon Tea Blend: Lavender, Raspberry and Camomile.

First we started with an introduction of what this New Moon meant. Of the power of renewing energies and releasing everything we no longer need in our lives.

We introduced each other, creating a powerful sisterhood between us.

And then the circle started getting so big, so filled with magic. The energy felt so amazing.

Circles help make every intention stronger and heal anything inside of us. Circles are a sacred space, honouring both the uniqueness of each individual and the emergence of the collective. All are equal in circle; leadership is shared.

First we wrote everything we no longer wanted in our lives. Then we cleansed the energies with Sage and started dancing along side shamanic drums to clean clean clean our body and soul from everything that is no longer good for us.

Then we wrote our intentions, everything we wish to manifest in our lives, and then we kept that paper so we can read it ever day until there is a full moon (sep 28th) that is when everything will come true.

The universe is abundant naturally. So us too, are filled with abundance, good relationships, love, health, money, or whatever you wish to have. And this New Moon has the power to help you manifest any desire or intention you wish to make in your life.

How wonderful it is that we are so connected with nature’s cycles? It would be so easy to really get to know ourselves if we would connect with nature and understand we are one with it, and that us women were repressed for so long, and told that we did not have any power to heal, to enjoy pleasure and to guide ourselves through out every moon cycle and seasons.

“I think is time to awaken our feminine savage wisdom again. Let’s connect with our cycles, the moon, herbs and animals. Start loving ourselves again, and really understand that we are healers, shamans, witches, with the power to save the world.”

With this said, we also had a special guest: Cindy Mijares, that has this amazing project called: Sculp-A-Vulva.

The objective of this project is to promote self love and self discovery. Go back to the origins and stop all the repression that has been going on for years to our bodies and sexuality. And really start exploring our bodies again.

So, that’s what we did. We all sculpted a vulva, inspired by our own, honouring our uniqueness and not being afraid to show it to the world.

There they are… sculpting vulvas.

If you want to be part of this project too, you can send your photo to: or use the hashtag: #sculpavulva.

Here`s a lovely prayer we did to honour the New Moon and thank her for her power of manifestation on us:
I am transformation.
I am growth.
I am abundance.
Welcome abundance.
I know exactly what I need.
I am ready.
Thank you universe, thank you Mother Earth.
Under this New Moon, I am grateful for a new start.
As I heal and cleanse myself of the past, I grow by a new light that shines upon me.
I will stay on this path of growth until I reach my maximum potential.
I am certain in my heart that I will get there.
I am one with the moon so I trust, as above, so below.
Happy New Moon!
Stay gold,

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