Pink Moon Circle


So yesterday we celebrated the Pink Moon of April by doing a full moon ritual at a beautiful apartment in Brooklyn. It is amazing that you can be anywhere in the world, and still being able to connect with women for the first time and feel as if you knew them for a long time. That is the magic thing about circles. In a circle we are all one. We are all equal. We all have the same intentions. To heal, to renew ourselves, to share our stories and to connect. And that is what we did.


The gathering started at 10pm. And each one of us brought something to the circle. I chose to bring flowers, hibiscus tea with rose hips and some hand made stars for decoration.


The energy felt amazing. This ritual was all about cleansing ourselves. Releasing what is no longer good for us. So we started by cleansing the whole place and ourselves with Sage, Palo Santo and a special water that one of the girls brought. And you really could feel all of your energy shifting. I suddenly felt so grateful, happy and in peace for being there, meeting new people, connecting and creating something beautiful in that moment.

Then each one of us decided to share our personal story on whatever was bothering us at that moment. And what I love about that, even when you do not know the people around you, is that when you hear someone else’s problems or difficulties, you can really relate to what the other person is feeling and going through. And by experiencing that empathy for someone else, you heal and the other person heals too. So a circle is a really powerful tool, to let go of everything we no longer want in our lives. And feel supported by others.

Did you know that by gathering in a circle of women, your body produces a lot of endorphins? That is why you always feel happy when you get together with friends and talk about stuff.

Then each one of us wrote in a piece of paper everything that we wanted to let go. To heal and to burn.
It is very important to do this type of rituals, because it is not the same just thinking about something you no longer want, rather than materializing it, writing it and burning it. That really works, amazingly.

There are no rules inside of the circle. You can do whatever you feel like doing. Say whatever you need to say and perform anything you feel like performing. There are infinite rituals you can create, whatever feels good for you.

The main thing is always the intention. The love with which it is made. And always having special elements such as crystals, herbs, flowers, offerings, snacks, candles, music, healing sounds, water and a special blend of tea herbs.

If more women would do this type of circles, we could really make a big difference in this world. You know that by changing yourself, you can change the world. Well, circles just do the job in an exponential kind of way. They are also very powerful to heal humans emotionally, energetically and spiritually. I think is the best therapy there is. To be listened to, to feel supported and to dedicate some time for yourself, for your spirit and for your heart.

It is time for women to unite all around the world. And see the magic there is inside of themselves. The power we have to heal the world.


Let it all burn. Cleanse yourself. Believe that you can live a beautiful, abundant and happy life.


Surround yourself with happy people, magic people. Share your story. Hear their stories. Celebrate nature. The moon and the cycles. The connection between everything there is. And embrace every season, every stage in your life, every day. With love.

Thank you for this moment. And for the healing session created in this amazing circle.


Stay gold,

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