Kindred Folks: Stanley Bray

“Work hard. Expect nothing. Celebrate life.”

– Stanley

Uluntu means humanity, community, the relationship we have with one another and with the world.

The first time I came to this place I was so fascinated with all of the beautiful details every space had. My senses were going crazy observing everything around, smelling every single flower, hearing music and tasting delicious teas. What a pleasure it is to discover magical spaces in which your inspiration starts flowing.

And of course, every place is just the reflection of its owner. And Stanley Bray is just that, a mix of senses and joys for every single thing this life has to offer.

A person with an amazing energy. Always in a constant revolution with himself and everything that surrounds him. You will never see his place looking exactly the same every day. He is always changing something inside. It is as if you entered a different place every time you go there.

But the best thing is that he really does practice the meaning of community. People love to go and visit him, drink a cup of tea, listen to his vinyls, enjoy the moment, that beautiful present moment most of the people tend to forget. I’ve met such amazing people there lately.

I think this is why people love to go there and get lost for a while from all of their routines and daily life. Because here, everything is always changing. And you focus your attention into enjoying what yourself is receiving. Meeting new people, tasting new flavours, seeing new colours, smelling incredible flowers and herbs, and dancing to new sounds.

So this is what inspired me with this #kindredfolk. A reminder of what life is really about. About having pauses. Awakening your senses. Connecting with new people. Serving others and yourself too. Enjoying life. Embracing the details and always doing what you love. Find your passion and believe in it.

Thank you Stanley!

Stay gold,


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