Love Your Feminine

The feminine energy is awakening in all of us.

It must be celebrated.

Everything is a balance. Absolutely everything that exists has a balance between two polarities. The yin (feminine) and the yang (masculine). When we are aware of this, we know that we need both energies to live in harmony.

What we are on the inside is what we see on the outside, and vice versa. Just as we do, the earth has two energies and for many years there has been an imbalance, wherein the masculine has been the dominant force and as a result, everything became very confusing. Masculinity became power and femininity became weakness. Men started to become more controlling, cold, analytic, independent, logical, and competitive (which there’s nothing wrong with, as long as they can be balanced with femininity that is to be intuitive, receptive, patient, delicate, sensitive, creative, calm and collective-minded). Due to lack of information, it was believed that the femininity did not serve any purpose. 

As it went, the woman decided to mimic the man, thinking that only then she would get the respect that she deserved, the infamous term: Feminism. Over time this became distorted, making us believe that women should forget their nature in order to assimilate to this male world. To schedules, routines, to heavy work, to be logical, to not feel, to not mourn, to use contraception, to look perfect at all times, to not enjoy being mothers, to see sex as something dirty instead of sacred, and to feel the need to be occupied all the time.

Apparently, it didn’t work for us. Something inside of us told us that it wasn’t right.

It’s beautiful to accept that men and women are different, it’s beautiful to accept polarities. Because both are necessary, and both men and women have those qualities.

“It’s time to put things straight, time to get informed, time to become enlightened, it’s time to wake up and enjoy what we really are, and not what others have made us believe we are.”

Femininity is the awakening of all the magical qualities that have been lost in men and women. Our self love, our sensitivity and connection to nature, the unconditional love toward all things, the desire to find inner peace, the enjoyment of the present moment, the honouring of our cycles, our intuition, our rituals, the celebration of our fluids, creation of community among all, enjoyment of our sexuality to the max which is what makes us be creative human beings.

How incredible is femininity and the fact that they had taken it away from us for so long!

Jung says that men are masculine on the outside and feminine on the inside, while women are feminine on the outside and masculine on the inside. If you observe the body of a woman, we are receptive, but on the inside our nature is to be penetrating and strong. While men can appear to be strong and aggressive on the outside, they are very sensitive and protective on the inside. When women connect with their core, they find masculinity, logic, firmness, personal power and reflection. Similarly, men find vulnerability, compassion, intuition and wisdom.

What the world needs is for the masculine and feminine forces to align and balance one another, to become friends with one another, to cooperate and flow together. Stop thinking that one is better than the other. Awaken the Goddess within and honor her.

“We need to believe again. To believe in ourselves. In the magic, in the power of our minds and bodies. To enjoy each one of our emotions. To dance, cry, make love, touch oneself, pleasure yourself daily, eat delicious food, listen to good music, have a garden and to love yourself so much that you’re happy and you want to share that happiness with the entire world.”

When you love yourself and you’re happy, you have it all. You must love both sides of yourself. The light and the dark side. Your masculine and your feminine. And understand that everything is designed to perfection. Nature does not make mistakes. Nature is perfect and abundant, just as we are.

We live in a society where loving ourselves and being happy is almost unreachable, and since everything centers on making money by any means necessary, they have made us feel as though the only way to achieve happiness is by owning material stuff, changing aspects of ourselves, striving for the perfect human mold and only then can we be happy. They have bombarded us from all around, making it seem desirable.

And I ask: Do you really think that will make you happy?

Today, the greatest revolution a human can create is that of loving oneself. Being happy. It’s the greatest thing you can do for the world.

Love your feminine. Love your masculine. Love yourself.

It’s the only way you will find your true essence and your purpose on this earth. Because when you love yourself, you are in harmony, your body functions in harmony, you want to do good things for yourself, you feel good. And that’s transmittable. You make your partner happy, you make your children happy, you make your friends happy, your colleagues, your plants, and animals too. And you awaken. You wake up from everything that prevents you from being free, from being yourself, from being happy and you love yourself just as you are.

Stop following the rules. As they say “The medicine of one person isn’t the same for another.” As every person must live as in a way that feels authentic and true for them, without having to justify it to others. We are so diverse, so different from one another, that I ask, why should we all walk the same path?

Even then, I think there are many things we all have in common. And those are some of the topics I feel most passionate about discussing. I never enjoyed talking about politics, religion, the norms that society dictates and how these norms force you to belong to a particular group of people, separating yourself from the rest. Some of my favourite topics of discussion include our connection to nature, the perfect functioning of our bodies, the importance of self love, the loving of everything that occurs within and outside of us, the beauty of enjoying yourself and everything that surrounds you, the enjoyment of our senses, the fostering of community between men and women and the world, the connection between cycles. Our own, those of the moon, of the year, of the harvest, and so on. The beauty of sex, the delight one feels when sharing love, energy, to experiment, with yourself, with others, to get to know yourself and to know it all.

Is it the case that there is someone that can’t identify with the things that I mentioned? Or is it that these are topics that should be prohibited because they cause war and violence? Quite the opposite. And unfortunately they are topics that are rarely discussed and accepted openly in our society. I am not trying to convince the entire world that what I say and believe is correct, but if you think about it, it’s something we all have in common, something that we all seek, and it’s so beautiful that if we spoke about it openly, we would understand humanity, we would unite as humans, we would enjoy love just as it is. There would be respect among people and empathy would be present during the highs and the lows.

Think of anything you want, your beliefs, your ideas, anything. In the end, everything functions because of love. Love is the strongest thing that exists. And it has been echoed since millions and millions of years ago, in books, in song, in writings, and theories. But it seems that we forget it sometimes. We forget to understand the concept of love.

Love is to start with yourself. If not, it will be impossible to function in the world. To love yourself is to enjoy yourself as the human being that you are in this moment. To love you body, your scent, your feelings, your wants, your moods, your ideas, your desires, EVERYTHING EVERYTHING EVERYTHING that is you. And when you please yourself and enjoy yourself. You are happy! It’s that easy. You live happily and you enjoy all that you do. Your flow is greater on your days. Everything turns our well. The food tastes better. People approach you more. You glow!

And if you are happy, everyone around you will be too. At times we stress ourselves out in order to make our children happy, our partner happy, our students, our teachers, our family, our friends, our fans, etc… But if we understood that only by working with yourself, everything else will flow and will function perfectly. They will feel comfortable around a happy person. They will learn from you, that one can enjoy every moment in life, that it is beautiful to give to oneself.

EVERYTHING EVERYTHING EVERYTHING in the end is love. It’s the most raw, the most natural thing that exists.

Love yourself. Love all of yourself. In your entirety. Find your feminine side, the one that has been dormant within you. And celebrate it. It’s time.

Stay gold,


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