Street Art With A Cause

Several weeks ago, I had the opportunity to hang out and collaborate with Marioly aka 
@cestmaria , in which we created a type of street art that not only looks beautiful and dynamic, but is also an eco-friendly cause; WASHISTREET. With the  combination of her washitapes and my undoubted love for plants and nature, our washistreet project was fun; to say the least!

Ina: What is Washistreet?

Marioly: Washistreet is a  concept which consists on doing art in the streets using washitape, with the purpose of making the city a little bit more beautiful. Giving the city a touch of surprise and beauty for the people. So they can see and engage in something fun, pretty and colourful as they walk through the streets.

The combination of her washitapes and my love for plants and nature, made a fun green washistreet project. We decided which plant to post on the wall; rosemary. Because not only does its fresh smell of pine intoxicate us, it is actually very easy to grow.

Everyone who walked by our wall, was able to grab a piece of rosemary to take home with them, and start their own garden.

As we progressed in our washistreet project, people started gathering around us asking if they could grab a piece of rosemary, and in turn, we shared with them the purposes of this project and it’s benefits.

Did you know rosemary helps stimulate your sex organs?

Street art with a cause is all about collaborating and promoting beauty and nature in our lives.

Location: Barrio Antiguo, Monterrey.


Stay gold,


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