Street Art With A Feminine Touch

So two weeks ago, I got invited to make a mural in one of the streets of Monterrey. And what an amazing experience it was to invite a group of women to paint with me that day. Not only we had a lot of fun doing the mural all together, but it was like a healing circle of femininity creating together as a form of therapy for our souls.

What a powerful team we have here. And it really is amazing when strong women get together to create something. They can do magical things!

Here I am, colouring this cactus, that says: MEDICINA NATURAL. Meaning: Natural Medicine. We have forgotten that Mother Nature gives us everything to survive. To heal ourselves, to connect with plants and their energy to heal our bodies.

“The more you connect with the cycles, with the moon and the seasons, the more you connect with yourself. You will understand that you are not crazy. It is called “Being Cyclical.” Women need to understand this in order to function well every month. And stop trying to fit in a man’s world, but instead, be proud of your femininity, your bodies, your nature and your powers.”

Location: Monterrey, México.

I want to thank Lienzo Urbano and Fundación 5x for making this happen. And also each one of you guys that help me with this beautiful mural!!!

Isis Olivares
Andrea Scheel
Georgina Medina
Maria Fernanda Zetina
Edna Laura Huerta

So happy that this is the first of many more to come.

Stay gold,


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